Ascension Logistics’ Transportation Procurement and Bid Optimization service helps shippers navigate the bidding process in a structured manner to arrive at the best service and rate combination, while allowing carriers to overlay the bid lanes with their own network, to identify synergies.

This service takes our experience in transportation and procurement along with industry leader bid optimization software - Blue Yonder Logistics Procurement, to award the right carriers, on the correct lanes, at the best price.  Business rules are applied during the process to balance the risk and reward of new and incumbent carriers. Across all modes, both domestic and international, Logistics Procurement can be configured for:  truckload, less-than-truckload, intermodal, ocean, and air.  Our approach is data-driven and considers, rates, equipment, service, and capacity.

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LP Case Study

A global soft drink manufacturer was tasked with renewing truckload contracts for their North American supply chain network.  In the past the process was manual, time consuming, and carrier capacity could not be trusted.  They turned to a seasoned bid engagement team and Logistics Procurement, a digitized solution.  Following a best practice engagement, the customer held to the project timeline, with successful results:  A balanced mix of carriers and savings of $31 MM.


Our services can help you
answer the follow questions

How should we approach the process of securing new rates for contracts that are about to expire?


How do we evaluate service and pricing during the selection process?


How many carriers should we invite and how many should we keep during the awarding process?


What is the optimal combination of using new carriers, incumbent carriers, strategic carriers, brokers, and asset-based carriers?


How much business should I give a carrier, or group of carriers, across my entire network, sub-region, or at the lane level?


Is my dedicated fleet competitive with other carriers in the market?